Hey! I’ve recently graduated (December ‘16) with an MSc in computer science from the Australian National University. My primary interests are in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Over the coming months I’ll be putting up blog posts and code about ideas and projects that I’m working on.

In 2012, I worked with Professor Craig Savage on physics education research for teaching special relativity. My BSc Honours thesis and a Physical Review publication were the result. In 2013, I worked on novel signal processing techniques for the LIGO project. In 2015, I worked at an awesome social network startup based in Canberra called Karma. My Masters thesis was in artificial general intelligence, under Jan Leike and Marcus Hutter. An accompanying JavaScript demo relating to AIXI and its variants can be found here. I will be presenting a paper based on this work at IJCAI in Melbourne later this year.

The easiest way to contact me is by email:

You can also check out my GitHub and my CV, and feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or Facebook.